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  • What kind of treatments do you offer?
    Massage Bespoke Massage This is a holistic treatment designed to suit your specific needs. On the booking form you can describe what type of massage you are looking for. Ally will match you with the most suitable therapist. Deep Tissue Deep tissue massage helps release muscles from adhesion knots and tension. For people who suffer from chronic muscle soreness. Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that can be used safely throughout the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Reflexology Reflexology encourages the body to return to balance and promotes self-healing. Using thumb, finger and hand techniques on the reflex areas we can reduce stress, which naturally promotes improving circulation, reducing body tension and enhancing relaxation. Beauty We also offer beauty treatments, a full list can be found on the beauty booking page. - Gel Manicure - Gel Pedicure Holistic Facials This multi-step process to rejuvenate and nourish your skin.
  • What will happen at a group booking?
    Your therapists will arrive with plenty of time to set and will start getting ready for the treatments. Ally will make a treatment schedule to ensure everything runs smoothly. You can read about all of our team members on our team page.
  • Where will the treatments take place?
    Massage and facial treatments will need to happen in a quiet room in a separate space from the rest of the group. For facials therapists will need to have access to warm water, make sure there is a bathroom near by. For manicure and pedicures, these will need to be set up using a table and chairs.
  • How much space do we need?
    Your therapist will bring with them portable massage tables (6ft x 2.5ft) - therapists will need to comfortable move around them. Please ensure there is enough space for your chosen treatments.
  • How do I book?
    You can request to book an appointment via the booking page. Ally will approve your booking once your therapist has been organised.
  • How do I redeem a gift voucher?
    Simply book in online and let Ally know on the booking form that you have a voucher. Enter the voucher code or the full name of the person who purchased it for you. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 12 months.
  • Is there anything I need to know about having a treatment at home?
    Some things you could do in preparation: Make sure there is enough space for your therapist to set up a massage table and be able to move around it. Check the temperature of your room, make sure it will be comfortable for your treatment. Put your devices on silent so your treatment isn't interrupted. Make sure your house is calm and quiet.
  • What do I need to provide for a home massage?
    Space for the massage table You'll need a floor area of roughly 2x2 metres. Roll out a yoga mat to see if you have enough room for a massage at home; if you can comfortably walk around it, you should be good to go. Some towels Two large towels and a small hand towel are needed for the massage table and headrest. Optional: candles and spa music Setting the mood is one of the advantages of a massage at home. Choose the music you want to hear, whether it's soothing spa music or something upbeat, and then enjoy using candles to create your own personal spa.
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