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More About Massage and Facials

Here at Ally Massage Therapy all our massage treatment are bespoke. This means your therapist will use a range of techniques and styles tailored to suit you. We have found that with massage there is no such thing as one treatment fits all. Most people often need a combination of things, our bodies are all unique and so are we. For example, if you are craving a deep tissue massage for you painful shoulders, but you may also really need to rest and relax with an indian head massage a bespoke treatment is ideal. The most important thing is to communicate clearly with your therapist and use the client consultation to express your needs. You may not really know what massage you want or need and that's ok too, our team are brilliant at work intuitively with clients. Below there is some more information about the many different types of massage. If you have any questions about your treatment please get in touch. 

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