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Group Yoga Sessions

All yoga sessions will be bespoke and completely tailored to your needs and wants. From a relaxing mediative session with a focus on wellbeing. To a fun team-bonding group experience, an ideal ice-breaker for a Hen Do. Partner yoga is a great way to connect with each other and gel as a group. Your teacher will adapt the yoga style, making your session suitable for all levels. This is the idea way to get that feel good factor on your weekend away!

You can book a Yoga and massage package with a 60 minute yoga session for you group followed by massage treatments of your choice. Just like yoga, a good massage enables us to unwind, focus on our breathing, and let go of life's never-ending demands. But have you ever thought about how massage and yoga complement each other? The benefits to our mind, body and soul are endless – and imagine combining the two! 

Meet Elizabeth Yoga Teacher

Elizabeth Yoga Teacher
Elizabeth Yoga Teacher

Elizabeth grew up practising yoga with her grandma; her first teacher and inspiration. She began to dive deeper into yoga when it became her main tool for recovery over an illness in 2010. After extensive practise and exploration of the yoga world she embarked upon the British wheel of yoga foundation course. Then in 2015 undertook her higher teacher training diploma with the British wheel of yoga; the highest awarding yoga qualification in the UK. Her further studies have included women's health and Ayurveda- the sister science of yoga. She teaches virtual classes nationwide, providing classes for corporate offices, small organised groups, non-profits, workshops, retreats and running her online Ayurvedic consulting clinic.

Elizabeth teaches an inclusive and embodied practice with a caring and humorous attitude. She encourages clients to find what works for each of them exploring movement and find what feels good. Her teaching allows you the space to challenge the mind, shut off from the outer world and journey inwards with her unique blend of nourishing sequencing tailored to the needs of those who are present embodying the truest essence of yoga.

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