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Do You Need More Sleep?

I hate waking up feeling groggy and exhausted. It can be difficult to remember simple details like where you put your keys as you're racing out the door. Waking up already feeling tired could also lead to a less focused or effective day at work.

Being tired also causes your hunger hormones to become out of balance. A sleepy brain lacks executive function, making it more difficult to make good decisions about what to eat or drink. When you're feeling down in the dumps in the middle of the afternoon, you're more likely to reach for a chocolate bar, a bag of crisps, or other salty or sugary snacks – things that are less nourishing and can exaggerate peaks and crashes in your energy.

Unsurprisingly, by the time you arrive home, you may still feel tense and less inclined to have a healthy wind-down towards quiet sleep later in the evening. And a good night's sleep is important if you want to feel your best during the day. Although there is no quick fix to make that happen instantly, you can improve your sleep quality by following some straightforward tips:

Your bedroom

Aim to create a sleep paradise - your bedroom should provide a stress-free atmosphere with no distractions. Sleep professionals suggest these science-based sleep hygiene recommendations.

1. A cool, dark room is best for sleeping. Invest in better curtains or blinds to filter out any light. Even the light from street lamps can infiltrate into your room and effect your sleep.

2. Peace and quiet make for bedroom bliss. Some people try “white noise” or some type of ambient sound to help mask disruptive noises like car horns or traffic. Often complete silent causes our thoughts to kick in, while calm soft sound gives our minds something to focus on while we relax and drift off.

3. Purge your room of clutter. You may be more susceptible to sleep issues if your bed feels dreamy but your room is a mess. People who live in cluttered environments are more prone to suffer from sleep disorders. Whether or not you find it simple to fall asleep can depend on what your eyes see when you enter a room.

Winding Down

What disturbs you at night? It's usually an active mind preoccupied with worry and anxiety. Here are a few techniques for relieving general stress so you can go to sleep more quickly.

2. Create a daily list of the things you are thankful for. Research indicates a link between feeling grateful and being happy. Gratitude practice can improve our lives in a variety of ways, such as lowering blood pressure, lowering chances of sadness and anxiety, and creating the ideal environment for better sleep.

5. Set aside time for evening meditation, including right before bed, to help them unwind and get to sleep. While clearing or putting an end to thoughts is not the goal of meditation, learning to be more at ease with them and compassionate towards both yourself and others. In this approach, practising mindful meditation can lower stress and facilitate restful sleep.

How massage affects your body

Human contact activates the vagus nerve, which reduces activity in parts of the brain linked to stress and threat. So it makes sense that a massage, which usually lasts at least 60 minutes, has the same impact of turning off the stress response. Slow, sweeping massage strokes encourage the body to unwind completely. Because the stress literally leaves the body, for some people this can be a very cathartic experience. By triggering the relaxation response more frequently, regular massage enhances your body's capacity for relaxation at other times. Learning to relax while there is continuous external tension takes regular practice.

Here at Ally Massage Therapy, we offer a relaxing Swedish massage which is perfect for aiding sleep through slow, fluid massage strokes that calm the nervous system and relax the mind and body. Our therapist can travel to your home, allowing you to continue your relaxation after the appointment. Without the hassle of public transport or parking to worry about, you can make the most of your treatments.

There's something so special about being in our own homes and our own spaces. Being around energy that makes us comfortable can help us to deeply relax for our treatments. Another perk of a massage at home is that you can set up your space just how you like; candles, scents, lights etc

Craving a slice of relaxation and restoration this week?


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