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Bath, Somerset

Massage At Home

Sacred spaces are becoming more essential in everyday life because of the daily stresses many of us incur. I love spending time at home, it helps me to unwind and rejuvenate. I can quite easily fill a day pottering around the house, watering the plants and catching up on jobs. This can help me to reset and have some introverted time to myself to process my thoughts and prepare for the days ahead. Finding a place that’s special and allows you time to relax, reflect and experience tranquillity can be a vital component of your self-care and wellness routines.

Many of my clients prefer having a massage at home, rather than in a salon. There can be unnecessary stress like, driving in rush hour, trying to find parking, being on time. After your appointment you then have to go back into the cold, where your fast pace life hits you once again. All of these things are not conducive to helping you relax and get the most out of your much needed treatment. I like to take this stress and effort away by coming to your home, making Ally Massage Therapy the ultimate convenience.

My clients often say they can find a deeper sense of relaxation by having their treatment at home. After their massage they can continue their own self care by taking a bath, sitting in the garden or taking a nap. I want to bring relaxation and tranquillity back into the home, reclaiming it as your sacred space.

“The calm within the storm is where peace lives and breathes. It is not within perfect circumstances or a charmed life... it is not conditional. Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. We are free to visit it, whenever we seek sanctuary. Underneath the chaos of everyday living, peace is patiently awaiting our discovery... go within.”

Jaeda DeWalt


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